Why Should You Schedule AC Inspections?

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Scheduling AC Inspections Before Emergencies is the Best Way to Save Money on Air Conditioning.

“They’re a pain!” “I always end up needing repairs!” “It makes me nervous.” Whatever reason you’ve had in the past for postponing your AC unit checkup, we understand. The simple truth however, is that homeowners could be saving thousands of dollars on their HVAC system if they only knew how to take advantage of their AC inspections. Here are three ways to do it!

#1: Skip the Emergencies

Do you know how many homeowners wait till they have an emergency to schedule an AC unit inspection? Too many. Inspections are more effective when you schedule them before you have a cooling crisis in the summer. Scheduling an inspection once every one or two years greatly increases your chances of detecting a potential malfunction before you need expensive repairs or early replacement. When you wait till your cooling unit breaks in the middle of summer, you’re much less likely to scout out replacement prices or get a second opinion. Speaking of second opinions…

#2: Get a Second Opinion

Not every HVAC professional is an “Honest Abe.” If your first AC serviceman is recommending an expensive repair or replacement product, you’re free to get a second opinion! You’d be surprised the number of times one of our professionals discovered a simple problem that a former service claimed needed extensive repairs.

#3: Start Planning Ahead

When it’s clear that replacement is a short few years away, start asking questions. “What is the best model on the market right now?” “Which type of AC unit would you pick for this house?” While you might not need it now, you can start putting away savings for a premium, energy-efficient replacement unit down the line. All you have to do is talk to an inspector who’s conveniently at your home already.

There you go! If you’d like to learn more about AC inspections or even schedule one for your home, our team would be happy to help. You can give us a call at505-933-2700.

4 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

If you find yourself often having a dry or bloody nose, sneezing a lot, or coughing even after allergy season has passed, it could be because of the air flow in your home. Minuscule dust particles, pollen, animal and human hair, dryer vent fluff- all these things could be floating around you right now. Here’s some tips on how to improve your indoor air quality to help you breathe better at home:


Plants Are A Great Way To Improve Indoor Air Quality

If you often have nosebleeds or your nose feels dry, it is due to the lack of moisture in the air. Consider getting a humidifier or replacing your air conditioner’s air filter to help improve indoor air quality. Both are extremely cheap and common to find in grocery stores.

Get A Green Thumb

Plants take in carbon dioxide that humans breathe out and releases oxygen into the air that we then breathe in. Plants also help with decor and aesthetic. Put some some purifying plants like aloe vera or ferns in a stuffy room and watch how much better the air will feel!

Tidy Up

Placing a doormat outside your front door is a great preventative to dragging outside dirt and dust inside your home. Vacuum , dust, or mop often to help improve indoor air quality.

Brush Your Pets

Given your pet some love recently and come back with a handful of hair? Brush your animal to help reduce allergy symptoms and dust buildup. You can buy specialty pet brushes at pet supply stores. Be sure to give them a treat when you’re done for their good behavior!


If you want to improve your home’s indoor air quality in the Albuquerque, NM region, call Indoor Comfort at 505-933-2700 today.

Signs it’s Time to Change Your Water Filters

As your water filtration or purification system cleans the water, the system’s filters become dirty and unproductive. However, keeping your water filter clean and changed will eliminate this problem altogether. Keep an eye out for these signs to ensure your system is always working at its best.

Slow Flow From the Faucet

As your water filter begins to fill up with debris and sediment, it will be harder for water to pass through. While this sign is gradual, it’s also noticeable. When you begin to notice your water moving slower, it’s a good idea to have your filter changed as soon as possible.

Funny Taste or Smell

One of the biggest signs that your water treatment system’s filter needs to be replaced is when you notice a weird taste or a funny smell coming from your water. This is created from the dirty filter and will go away again as soon as your filters are changed or cleaned.

Reduced Water Pressure

Much like a drop in the flow of your water, when water filters get full they can cause substantially lower water pressure. This is because the water can no longer push through the filter adequately. Changing your filter will remedy this issue immediately.

Changing your system’s water filter is crucial to its performance. Running your system with unchanged filters can cause premature breakdown or contaminant release into your water. If you think your it’s time to change your system’s filters, call the Indoor Comfort experts at 505-933-2700 to schedule your appointment today. Our professionals will perform your water filter change quickly and conveniently.