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It’s easy to underestimate the importance of your air ducts. They remain out of sight, do their job unobtrusively, and seem to have no impact on the quality of your HVAC. After all, they are simple passageways with no moving parts. In reality, air ducts have critical importance for the successful operation of your AC. If they become damaged through age or corrosion, your HVAC will struggle to maintain a constant temperature in your home. At Indoor Comfort, we take air duct repair, installation, and sealing seriously.

Our expert technicians can quickly determine whether you need air ductwork in your home or business. Gaps, bad connections, or leaks can all undermine the performance of your HVAC. These develop most often from old age, but can also occur due to damage from pests or leaks. In addition to repair work, we offer full duct installation and replacement services. Since shoddy work can account for problems with air ducts, trust your needs to our exceptional team. For all air duct repair in Albuquerque, NM, call Indoor Comfort at 505-933-2700.

Signs You Need Air Duct Repair

  • Strange Noises: Strange noises in your ceiling can indicate a problem with your air ducts. Popping noises are normal, and occur when the ducts expand and contract. Continuous noise, however, especially shaking and rattling, indicates a problem. The ducts have likely come loose or become damaged and stand in need of repair.
  • Uneven Temperature: Ducts that have lost their ability to effectively deliver air will create uneven temperatures around your home or business. Cold rooms in the winter can occur from damaged ducts, as can hot rooms in the summer. Instead of regulating the temperature in your home, conditioned air simply escapes through busted ducts.
  • Higher Bills: Despite the condition of your ducts, your HVAC will still try to deliver air around your house. It will work harder to achieve your desired temperature, drive up your energy bills, and require more frequent repairs as it wears out from the effort.
Air Duct Repair

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Indoor Comfort provides comprehensive services for your air ducts. If you need installation, you can count on impeccable work that will stand the test of time. As the premier source for air duct repair in Albuquerque, NM, we can additionally restore any system to peak performance. To request service, give us a call today at 505-933-2700.