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As a business owner, you try your utmost to provide a positive experience for employees and customers. You also work hard to support your bottom line and make the necessary adjustments and changes to ensure profitability. For both of these reasons, you need to keep a close eye on the status of your commercial air conditioning. At Indoor Comfort, we provide professional AC repair services for commercial systems.

You have a serious problem if your commercial air conditioner fails. If this occurs in the middle of the summer, it can disrupt business and leave your employees uncomfortable and less productive. In some areas, or even during a heatwave, it can actually force you to suspend operation. To avoid these catastrophic scenarios, schedule regular maintenance with our team at 505-933-2700. We can make sure that your commercial air conditioning in Albuquerque, NM works dependably and efficiently.

Does Your Commercial Air Conditioning Need Service?

Commercial air conditioners require specialized service. At Indoor Comfort, our expert technicians have you covered. Give us a call if you detect any of the following.

  • Complaints: One of the best ways to determine the status of your AC is to listen to customers and employees. Though you can usually reduce a complaint or two to personal preference, pay attention if multiple people complain about heat or humidity. If a thermostat adjustment doesn’t do the trick, you may need AC service.
  • Rising Bills: As an AC system begins to struggle, it will need to work harder to achieve a comfortable temperature. This requires more energy, which will reflect a rise in your utility bills. In some cases, repairs can fix this problem. In others, your aged commercial system may need major overhauls or replacement. Either way, a lower energy bill will offset the investment you make.
  • Short Cycling: An AC should run for a few minutes to achieve the optimal temperature, then shut off. If it switches on, runs briefly, then shuts off again without a noticeable change in temperature, then your unit may have overheated. Overheating can cause serious repair needs, so don’t delay a call for service.
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The above serves as just a few examples of commercial AC problems. You should additionally pay attention to odd sounds and odors, as these can respectively indicate mechanical problems and mold in your vents. For any and all needs with commercial air conditioning in Albuquerque, NM, trust the experts at Indoor Comfort. We’re ready for your call anytime at 505-933-2700.