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Typically, about half the energy used in a home goes toward heating and cooling. If your HVAC accounts for a large portion of your energy bill, consider the installation of a new, energy-efficient system. In the past few years, advances in technology have made HVACs more energy-efficient than ever before. If your current system has served for a decade or longer, you are likely losing a lot of money each and every month. At Indoor Comfort, we proudly provide for the installation and service of energy-saving HVAC systems.

Our expert, friendly techs have years of experience with installation and service of all types of HVACs. In fact, most of the brands we specialize in have models with exceptional energy efficiency capabilities. Of course, monthly savings are not the only benefit of these HVACs. To learn more about our services for energy-saving HVAC systems in Albuquerque, NM, give us a call today at 505-933-2700.

Benefits of Energy Saving HVAC Systems

An energy-efficient HVAC can make a huge difference not only on your bills but also on your comfort. The installation of one of these systems brings the following benefits.

Save Money: It is not uncommon for older HVACs to maintain an AFUE of only 65 percent. This acronym, which stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency, serves to measure the amount of energy that an HVAC wastes. Newer systems will usually have AFUE ratings of 90 or higher. That means only 10 percent of the energy used doesn’t contribute to the heating or cooling of your home. Wasted energy leads to higher utility bills, and the installation of energy savings HVAC systems can save average homeowners thousands of dollars a year.

Temperature Control: Energy-efficient HVAC systems use modulation to regulate airflow. This means that the unit will shift its output to achieve maximum efficiency and optimized temperature control. This activity results in a more evenly controlled temperature in your home or business and also contributes to the aforementioned monthly savings. 

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If you would like a high-efficiency HVAC in your own home or business, browse our selection of supported brands to find the right unit for your needs. At Indoor Comfort, we provide service and installation for a large variety of HVAC systems. For all needs with energy-saving HVAC systems in Albuquerque, NM, call 505-933-2700 at your convenience.