Mini Duct Air Conditioner Installation & Repair

Mini Duct Air Conditioner

A Mini Duct System Can Bring Targeted Comfort to Specific Areas of Your Home or Business.

A mini duct air conditioner represents an innovative alternative to central air. Mini ducts can actually complement existent central air systems, as they cool and distribute air to specific parts of a structure. Useful for both commercial and residential applications, mini ducts allow for targeted comfort. They also install easily, with minimal disruption and hassle. Indoor Comfort is the local expert for the repair and installation of these units.

A mini duct is installed outside a home or business. A high-pressure blower forces air into prolonged contact with the cooling coils, then distributes it through a tube system. You can position the small ceiling vents wherever you need extra cool air. For any needs with a mini duct air conditioner in Albuquerque, NM, give Indoor Comfort a call at (505) 933-6599.

Benefits of a Mini Duct Air Conditioner

Mini Duct Air Conditioner

Our Proficient Techs Can Quickly Install a System to Suit Your Needs.

Mini duct systems actually come with a lot of benefits. If you need an additional cooling solution in your home or business, you’ll want to give strong consideration to these devices.

Reduced Space Requirements: A mini duct system installs easily thanks to its limited space requirements. The main trunk of the device rests outside, while the small tubes can fit practically anywhere in the ceiling.

Targeted Cooling: One limitation of a central air device comes from its inability to target specific sections of a room. If you want cooling directly over your desk, for example, or your stove, then a mini duct system will do the job.

Removes Humidity: The high pressure air in the mini duct will not only cool your home or business; it will also dehumidify the air. This occurs thanks to the highly compressed nature of a mini duct’s air distribution.

Energy Efficient: Since mini ducts target specific areas with highly compressed air, they will quickly cool the area down. A lack of prolonged activity makes these devices highly efficient, which creates savings on your energy bill.

Call For Your Installation

To schedule the installation of a mini duct air conditioner in Albuquerque, NM, call Indoor Comfort today at (505) 933-6599. If you need repairs on your current system, we also serve as the premier source for that service. As comprehensive HVAC professionals, we can satisfy any maintenance or installation needs you may have.