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In areas with access to natural gas service, a gas furnace represents an excellent investment. These durable units will evenly warm homes and require fewer repairs than other types of furnaces. Gas is also generally cheaper than electricity, which results in lower monthly bills. At Indoor Comfort, we offer superior maintenance, replacement, and gas furnace repair services.

Despite the reliability of gas furnaces, occasional repairs are still needed. Since these units operate on gas, certain maintenance issues can create a safety hazard. If you regularly maintain your gas furnace, however, you have nothing to worry about. For peace of mind, trust regular inspections and gas furnace repair in Albuquerque, NM to Indoor Comfort. For any issues whatsoever, including gas furnace installation or replacement, give us a call at 505-933-2700.

Signs You Need Gas Furnace Repair

Like electric furnaces, most issues that develop with a gas furnace are minor. However, significant issues can arise in regards to gas. Though issues are rare, homeowners should still know the signs and make a prompt call for service.

  • Yellow Flame: A pilot light should always burn blue. If you ever notice that your pilot light has turned yellow, call for immediate service. This color change indicates the presence of carbon monoxide, a very harmful gas. A furnace that has developed a carbon monoxide leak requires immediate repair or replacement.
  • Excess Dust and Dry Air: A furnace that has begun to blow dust and debris, or overly dry air, has a problem that only a professional can solve. Your furnace should contribute to the comfort of your home, not the discomfort.
  • Gas Smell: As with a yellow flame, the smell of gas in your home indicates a leak that needs immediate attention. If you can rule out other gas appliances, then your faulty heater will require rapid service.
  • High Bills: Many people invest in gas furnaces because of their efficiency. If your gas bill suddenly spikes, then you have a problem. The heater most likely has begun to struggle due to needed repairs. As it works harder to warm your home, you can expect higher bills.
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To prevent these issues from ever occurring, schedule regular maintenance services from Indoor Comfort. We are your local experts for gas furnace repair in Albuquerque, NM, and remain available at 505-933-2700.