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Tried and True Water Purification

Water filtration happens at a molecular level. This is especially true for ozone water purification systems. These systems are among the most popular water treatment methods. It uses ozone, which is scientifically known as O3, to remove contaminants from the water. These systems are a natural form of water purification and they do not produce any kind of odor or unusual taste. Plus ozone purification is highly effective. If you’re interested in learning more about ozone water purification systems in Albuquerque, NM, contact Indoor Comfort at 505-933-2700.

Commercial Ozone Water Purification Systems

How Ozone Water Purification Systems Work

Ozone water purification systems use ozone, which is an unstable gas with powerful oxidizing abilities, to filter contaminants out of the water. This happens when the third oxygen atom breaks away and bonds with the contaminant molecules in the water. This chemical bonding process oxidizes the molecules of the contaminants and leaves behind a single oxygen molecule. The water is then pushed through a carbon filter to eliminate any additional contaminants.

Ozone water purification systems have an ozone generator, which uses high-intensity ultraviolet light to split oxygen molecules and then recombine them to make ozone (O3) molecules. These molecules are passed through the generator to the diffuser, which creates ozone bubbles. These bubbles are mixed with the water in the water purification tank, which is where the oxidation process occurs.  Generally speaking, ozone water purifications systems are used by commercial water treatment facilities or public swimming pools.  Residential systems can be very expensive.

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There are many different benefits that come from an ozone water purification system. These systems destroy biological contaminants such as bacteria and other organisms. They allow iron, magnesium, and sulfur to be broken down and filtered from the water. Ozone also breaks down any organic chemicals that cause odd smells or tastes to be present in the water. If these benefits sound appealing to you or you would like more information regarding ozone water purification systems in Albuquerque, NM, Indoor Comfort is here to answer all your questions. Call our office at 505-933-2700 to schedule a free consultation or start the installation process.